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Brook moves fast, both in person and in her work. Over 20 years ago, she pursued a career in experiential marketing – an industry that didn’t even exist at the time. Fast forward to today, Brook has been reshaping and reinventing marketing by building brand experiences.

Acutely aware of the power and value of experiential led her to blaze her own trail by founding All-Terrain, the first female-led, full-service experiential marketing agency. Her authentic, straight-forward style has made her a highly influential and trusted marketer amongst the world's leading brands. She embodies what it means to be a fierce female founder and is tough as nails, no matter what comes her way.

Brook’s work forges stronger relationships with consumers, while helping brands fully realize the impact of experiential marketing. Her multi-million dollar company has built campaigns for brands that far surpass sales goals, showing that the often-misunderstood ROI of experiential is real and powerful.

Brook is determined to make experiential a larger focus for brands.

“Our purpose is to create experiences; from events that would disrupt traditional marketing, to activations that ultimately reshape the industry as we know it today.”

She has designed marketing concepts that breakthrough, experiences that get talked about and execution that fuels decisions for brands people love such as Ferrari, Hostess, Quaker, Airbnb. That’s just to name a few.

Never satisfied with the status quo. By exploring new ways of developing creative ideas that take into account the realities of how people consume advertising and branded experiences today, Brook continues to shake up her industry. She never settles for less than excellence. This has resulted in award-winning, branded experiences.

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